Saturday, Sept 11, 2010
3 pm at Chelsea Cove,
(Just north of Chelsea Piers on 24th Street and 12th Avenue)
Pier 64 West 24th Street,
Manhattan, NY

Dreamscapes is an environmental performance about the scarcity of water, and the dream spaces of urban life. It will be performed on Meg Webster's "Stone Field" a public art project on Pier 64. Along the banks of the Hudson River, Dante Alighieri and Walt Whitman converse with Heinrich Heine, and Luiz Vaz De Camoes. Using water from the Hudson River and Sea Salt, Harmattan Theater explores the relationship between the Hudson River, human form and the New York City waterfront. Performers use techniques of Odissi Dance, Kalaripayatti and Vipasana to immerse the viewer in a New York spectacle.

Free and Open to the Public.