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Harmattan Theater environmental performance collective based in NYCharmattantheatercompany@gmail.com

The Living Lines Project

June 6th, 2009, Nolita, NYC
The Living Lines Project is a performative installation directed by May Joseph. It documents human movement against the built environments in different scales of urban mapping for three hours. Taking three principles of distance: the close up, the long shot and the hand held camera, three illustrators mapped the DeSalvio Playground in real time. Capturing outlines of animate and inanimate landscapes across horizontal, vertical and perpendicular fields, the installation materializes moments of quotidien life in states of stasis and motion. The drawings are black ink on mylar and acetate. Hung across the park on a clotheslines, they cite NoLiTa’s history of italian immigrant life and its domestic visuality of hanging clotheslines. Living Lines Project investigates scales of interactive urban movement that collide, overlay, superimpose and dissolve. The installation was created by Victoria Marshall, Jose De Jesus and May Joseph, for Harmattan Theater.

Video Clip


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