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Harmattan Theater environmental performance collective based in NYCharmattantheatercompany@gmail.com

Digital Performance

Chronocorpus emerged out of the personal histories of Sofia Varino, a Lisbon based performance artist, and May Joseph, whose cultural moorings include, Doha, Dar-es-salaam, Cochin, and the former Batavia, now modern Djakarta. Their intertwining shared histories of Portuguese and Dutch maritime pasts and their attendant colonial encounters in Asia, Africa and the Americas, provide the roots for this journey into contemporary landscapes and Fifteenth century cartographies. ┬áVasco Da Gama’s home in Cochin, Bartolomeu Diaz’s first landing at the Cape of Storms or Cabo de Tormentoso, later to be called Cape of Good Hope, and the hidden histories of sea route economies, are the thematic linkages for this montage of sea faring stories about colonial pasts, forgotten traumas, diasporic reinventions, and modern struggles for new cultural expressivities.

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